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Teams 1Unlimited
Storage 500MB25GB
Active Projects 3Unlimited
Team Members UnlimitedUnlimited
For Team Members
Task List
All project tasks are displayed in a list format, allowing you to filter and sort them as desired.
Kanban Board
Kanban board visually organizes all project tasks in a workflow.
You can break down a large task into smaller subtasks.
Personal Task View
Personal task view displays all the tasks that are assigned to you, including ongoing, upcoming, and overdue tasks.
Personal Calendar View
You can view all the tasks assigned to you on a personal calendar.
Personal To-Do List
Maintain a separate To-Do list for personal or minor tasks not directly related to projects.
Daily Digest
Every evening, you will receive a summary of recent tasks.
Keep Notes on Tasks
Each task has a dedicated section for keeping relevant notes.
Comments on Tasks
For each task, there is a dedicated comment section where you can tag team members.
Attach Documents to Tasks
You can attach all relevant documents to the task.
When Done Notification
Specify individuals who should be notified upon task completion.
Time Log
You can log the time taken for each task manually or by using a timer.
For Project Managers
Project Roadmap
Roadmap is similar to a Gantt chart; it enables you to visualize all your project tasks on a timeline.
Project Updates
Project Updates is a section for keeping project updates in a chat format. You can also mention team members here.
Project Files
In this section, you can access all the files that your team members have attached to the respective tasks.
Project Insights
You can view detailed information and analysis about the project.
You can view the workload of project members as a timeline here.
Create Project Phases
You can create multiple phases in your project and organize tasks within each phase.
Subscribe to Projects
Receive a project summary in your email every evening.
In-built Project Templates
Create projects using our built-in project template library.
Save Project Templates
Save projects as templates for future use.
Activity Log on Tasks
Monitor the activities done by members on the task.
Add Labels to Tasks
Add custom labels to tasks and filter them accordingly.
Archive Tasks
Hide tasks that should not appear in your task list.
Set Task Priorities
You can set task priorities as high, medium, or low and then filter or group them accordingly.
For Administrators
Assign Project Managers to Projects
Assign project managers to have control over the project.
Categorize Projects
Add categories to the project and then filter them accordingly.
Set Project Health
Set your project health as good, at risk, or needing attention and then filter accordingly.
Archive Projects
You can archive projects, as it affects all team members.
View all projects and members' workload on a single timeline.
Advanced Project Reporting
Monitor all project-related information in one place and export it to an Excel sheet.
Advanced Time Reporting
Analyze the time taken by projects and team members, and compare estimated vs actual time.
Track Team Members' Progress
Monitor your team members' details in one place to track their progress.
Deactivate Team Members
Deactivate members if they leave your organization or your team.


Frequenty asked questions

How does the free plan work?

Our free plan is available to use forever, with some limitations. If your team has less than five members, this plan may be suitable for you. However, please note that you will not have access to our scheduler and reporting features, and your storage will be limited to 500MB.

What the free trial is and how it works?

We offer users the opportunity to experience our pro plan for 14 days, during which you can explore all features with unlimited active projects, team members, and storage without adding any credit card details.

What happens once the free trial period ends?

Once the free trial ends, you can choose to continue with our pro plan by simply adding a credit card. If you decide not to continue with the pro plan, you can remove any unnecessary team members, projects, and files, and then use our free plan.