Keep tracking the time spent on every task and project

Stay informed about the time taken for each task and project, and monitor your teams' productivity.

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Flexible time logging by manually or using timer

Log hours effortlessly : Manually input time or use the built-in timer.

Adaptability to workflow : The tool seamlessly integrates with your preferred method for accurate tracking.

Simplified tracking : Enjoy precise time management without added complexity.

Check contribution of each member to every project

Detailed time reports : Obtain valuable insights into team performance.

Assess individual contributions : Evaluate each member's involvement in every project.

Foster accountability : Promote responsibility and transparency within the team.

Facilitate fair resource allocation : Ensure resources are distributed equitably based on performance.

Time spent on each project

Time comparison : Compare time spent on each project.

Identify project trends : Analyze time spent on different projects to identify trends.

Strategic resource allocation : Allocate resources efficiently based on project analysis.

Efficiency pinpointing : Identify areas of efficiency or potential bottlenecks in projects.

Proactive adjustments : Make informed decisions to ensure project success through proactive adjustments.

Find who contributed the most time to the team

Recognize top contributors : Identify team members who have contributed the most time.

Leverage team strengths : Utilize insights to optimize team dynamics.

Address workload imbalances : Ensure fair distribution of tasks.

Empower productivity : Maximize team efficiency with informed decision-making.

Estimated vs actual time spent

Make informed decisions : Compare estimated time with actual time spent on projects.

Gain clear insights : Understand project timelines and resource utilization.

Refine planning processes : Use insights to improve future project planning.

Drive better outcomes : Enhance project efficiency and effectiveness.